Fomentar la calidad del producto ya instalado y su mantenimiento es el motivo por el cuál ponemos a su disposición este manual con recomendaciones elaboradas por profesionales.

En consecuencia, usted puede considerarlas en todo o en parte, teniendo en cuenta no sólo lo que éste le recomienda, sino también lo que debe evitarse.

This manual is designed to improve the quality and maintenance of the installed ceramic tile by offering recommendations from professionales in the sector.

The user may follow all the recommendations given in the manual, or those relevant to the task in hand.

Both recommendations to follow and practices to be avoided are given.

Over the years, Ecoceramic has achieved sustainable growth in the competitive ceramic tile market. Our presence is now firmly established in the most important distribution channels across the globe, affirming the hallmarks of Ecoceramic is identity: quality, design and innovation.